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Re: [alpine-user] can't open a specific manual if there are multiple almost identical fnames

From: Svyatoslav Mishyn <>
Date: Sat, 3 Feb 2018 13:33:35 +0200

(Fri, 02 Feb 19:43) Cág:
> The project itself becomes a mess on Alpine. You have manuals for POSIX
> commands, and may suppose that they are for Busybox commands, that
> occasionally don't comply with POSIX; unfortunately Busybox doesn't
> have its own man pages. You have manuals for glibc functions that
> are absent in musl. So, for stuff like kernel headers and system calls
> I'm all for having a package.

I have from time to time a desire to combine POSIX, Linux manuals +
manuals from OpenBSD, DragonflyBSD (maybe other OSes) all together,
merge them, clean up, and provide clean & beautiful manual pages for
Linux kernel and libc (probably musl-only?).

But the most tricky part, I think, would be licensing.
As maybe each manual will contain various licenses inside it.


Received on Sat Feb 03 2018 - 13:33:35 UTC