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Re: [alpine-user] apk(1) error does not go away

From: Steffen Nurpmeso <>
Date: Sun, 11 Feb 2018 01:33:38 +0100

William Pitcock <> wrote:
 |On Sat, Feb 10, 2018 at 2:59 PM, Steffen Nurpmeso <> \
 |> Cág <> wrote:
 |>|Steffen Nurpmeso wrote:
 |>|> Well last week or so a i interrupted an "apk upgrade" and ever
 |>|> since i get an error status even though the action is performed
 |>|> just fine, for example:
 |>|apk fix ?
 |> Does not really help it seems:
 |> ?0[_at_essex ]# apk fix
 |> (1/1) [APK unavailable, skipped] Reinstalling dma (20180131-r0)
 |> 1 error; 1256 MiB in 369 packages
 |> ?1[_at_essex ]#
 |The issue is that something (probably a maintainer script) in your dma
 |package failed to run successfully and, now, the original package is
 |missing. If you do not have the package anymore because you don't
 |need it, you might do `apk del dma` to remove it. Otherwise, you will
 |need to supply a working dma package and then do `apk fix` for the
 |error to go away.

Yes. Thank you again. The issue was indeed postfix being also
installed and dma wanting to

  (1/1) Installing dma (0.11-r6)
  ERROR: dma-0.11-r6: trying to overwrite usr/sbin/sendmail owned by postfix-3.2.4-r1.
  ERROR: dma-0.11-r6: trying to overwrite usr/bin/mailq owned by postfix-3.2.4-r1.

Uninstalling dma and error was gone:

  ?0[_at_essex steffen]# apk add -u json-c
  (1/1) Upgrading json-c (0.12.1-r1 -> 0.12.1-r3)
  OK: 1443 MiB in 368 packages
  ?0[_at_essex ]#

Reinstalling dma and the error shows up again:

  ?0[_at_essex ]# apk add -u lzip
  (1/1) Upgrading lzip (1.19-r1 -> 1.19-r2)
  Executing busybox-1.27.2-r8.trigger
  1 error; 1443 MiB in 369 packages

The actual files complained about have not changed during that.
(One of the side effects of _at_essex being a superset of my server,
which drives postfix, i need to forcefully replace the above two
with symlinks. Maybe it would be easier to have two distinct
Postfix configurations, but, well.)

P.S.: i could fix the cirrus fb issue mentioned on -devel by
changing the grub (i need that on the server because i had been
unable to install syslinux in the existing GPT disk layout
together with FreeBSD that lived there) config line "set
gfxpayload=text" (from =keep i think it was).

Thanks again, and a nice Sunday i wish.

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|(By Robert Gernhardt)

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