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Re: [alpine-user] Firefox situation

From: Cág <>
Date: Wed, 9 May 2018 16:36:50 -0400

Riccardo Mottola wrote:
> Hi all,


> PS: no seamonkey for x86? it is my ever-favourite :) Pale Moon could
> also be interesting

There is seamonkey for amd64; patchwork even has the latest version[0];
try build it yourself if there's enough power (or cross-compile if you
have a spare machine).

As for PaleMoon, read this:
They don't even allow distributing Makefiles for it, not talking about

I recently tried Falkon browser, it's like a Qt version Chromium, but
it doesn't yet exist in Alpine. Though, I think it wouldn't be hard
to make an APKBUILD -- big distributions that I checked, Debian and
FreeBSD don't have patches for it, and building is fairly easy.

Chromium is fine under Alpine, Firefox only becomes worse after each
release (IMHO of course). There is NetSurf that I use daily, but it is
from a different league :) I suggest you try though, for light websites
it is best.

Sorry for not helping with Firefox.


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