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Re: [alpine-user] Firefox situation

From: Riccardo Mottola <>
Date: Thu, 10 May 2018 17:22:28 +0200


Cág wrote:
> There is seamonkey for amd64; patchwork even has the latest version[0];
> try build it yourself if there's enough power (or cross-compile if you
> have a spare machine).

well,the ThinkPad should have enough power to build it in a couple of
hours: an equivalent one I have with Linux builds Firefox.. so

is it ieasy to build a package from source? repository? I'm new to
Alpine. Is there a fine guide? I would, possibly try to build only
selected packages that are not distributed.

Maybe I can even contribute back the binaries?

> As for PaleMoon, read this:
> They don't even allow distributing Makefiles for it, not talking about
> binaries.

well, not... apart that those threads are toxic, the interpretation
should be different
- if you want it named PaleMoon you must build it the way they build
their official distribution. Mauinly this means using their supplied
- if you want to deviate, otpimize, etc, you need to change its name and
they have NewMoon for unofficial (and thus "unsupported") stuff

if just checked and e.g. FreeBSD has a fine package and you can build it
from source and it works.

> Chromium is fine under Alpine, Firefox only becomes worse after each
> release (IMHO of course). There is NetSurf that I use daily, but it is
> from a different league :) I suggest you try though, for light websites
> it is best.

I try not to use Chromium... and NetSurf is a little minimal, Midori is
already better. Does it work fine for you?

> Sorry for not helping with Firefox.

Thanks, Riccardo

Received on Thu May 10 2018 - 17:22:28 UTC