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Re: [alpine-user] Firefox situation

From: Cág <>
Date: Fri, 11 May 2018 17:08:33 -0400

Riccardo Mottola wrote:
> Indeed. a Venerable T43


> with discrete graphics (Radeon) which does
> work yet perfectly under alpine linux, as my other mail shows.
> X11 works though.
> My interst in Alpine rised because it seems quick and light... I
> wanted to investigate the libc and other differences compard to e.g.
> gentoo, which still remains light and usable thants to systemd absence
> (but libc is a monstrum)

musl is indeed great, and like I said, it's the greatest thing to ever
happen to Linux.

> I will try that too perhaps for Pale/New-Moon and maybe I can start
> packaging GNUstep stuff. It appears to work decently, except that the
> Mail reader doesn't appear to connect, I want to investigate.

One thing is that unfortunately the APKBUILDs you'll send may rest for
months in Patchwork waiting. Don't be discouraged though.
> e.g. how do you "abuild -r" continue resuming withouth cleaning each
> time? This would help for builds that last many hours, but more
> importantly, review errors, patch and resume.

I doubt there's a way. It's not pkgsrc :)

> I fear I could need some help here... it is an issue with LIBC, I
> wrote about it. Maybe Firefox has a fix for it.

I hope you won't :) Try Firefox ESR patches[0], there is one for your
error, at StackWalk.cpp.
> Well, I have on very similar ThinkPads with NetBSD and Linux and
> experience there FF and SM.

I did actually my comparison on NetBSD. The problem is that you can
compile neither without gcc/g++/libstdc++. Also, because it's x86, the
results may differ.

> FF on Linux is very usable, as well as SeaMonkey. In my experience
> seamonkey is finer an d consumes less resources. I am a big fan of it,
> I never got all this "FF is leaner", it has never been for me.

SM is not for me, because it has too much. Only a browser would be
enough, but then it'd become Firefox.

> On NetBSD it is fine too.. although the latest FF needs rustc and
> from here the mess starts, rustc doesn't build for me anymore >(

Firefox 52 is supported until September this year, so if you want to
continue using it, you'd need Rust.
> I know how horrible the Web is today. But a browser to work decently
> with github, read yahoo/google mail on the fy and look up WikiPedia is
> a necessity. I have no issues on x86 on other platforms, except memory
> limitations.

Github and Wikipedia both work fine with NetSurf, Wikipedia is almost
great. For email there is SquirrelMail that can work without JS. I hope
you realize how much pain it is to support it.


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