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[alpine-user] Unable to install 3.8 Samba package due to cross-dependency of packages [SB]

From: Senior, Ian <>
Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2018 12:27:47 +0000

Classification: Serco Business

I am attempting to install Alpine Linux 3.8 aarch64 Samba onto an embedded system that does not have internet access.

I have manually loaded 80% of the packages required for samba, but have hit a roadblock at the following two packages

o samba-common-libs-4.8.2-r1.apk

o samba-client-libs-4.8.2-r1.apk

Unfortunately each of the above packages depends on the other, so I am unable to load either of them.

Is there another way I can get these loaded, or can you update the release with the "" library moved out of the "samba-common-libs" package and into for example "samba-libs-4.8.2-r1.apk" which would break the cyclic dependency.


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