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Re: [alpine-user] Raspberry pi 3 install via ssh

From: Herry Herry <>
Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2018 21:17:47 +0100

Hi Bryan

I think you can use Alpine local backup ( <>) to save your setup to persistent storage and reload it again when booting up.

To enable ssh server, you can do the following steps:

        apk add openssh-server
        rc-update add sshd default
        adduser bryan
        lbu commit

Next time you reboot your system, the ssh server will be automatically started and then you can login to your Pi.


> On 16 Jul 2018, at 23:07, Bryan Honof <> wrote:
> Hey I was just wondering if it's possible to install alpine onto a raspberry pi but by enabling ssh on the first boot?
> Thanks in advance!

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