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[alpine-user] Need advice on Raspberry Pi install from SD card...

From: Stuart Hungerford <>
Date: Sat, 28 Jul 2018 09:44:12 +1000


I'm trying to bring Alpine Linux 3.8.0 up on a Raspberry Pi 3B using a
bootable SD card. The pi is not booting and the activity LEDs don't
flash. Here's the steps I've followed to setup the SD card on an
Antergos linux system:

1. Partition an SD card with parted:

$ sudo parted /dev/mmblkc0
mklabel msdos

mkpart primary fat32 2048s 100%

set 1 boot on


Model: (file)
Disk /dev/mmcblk0: 4128MB
Sector size (logical/physical): 512B/512B
Partition Table: msdos
Disk Flags:

Number Start End Size Type File system Flags
 1 1049kB 4127MB 4126MB primary fat32 boot, lba

2. Format as fat32 with:

$ sudo mkfs.vfat /dev/mmblkc0

3. Expand the distro tar file:

$ sudo mkdir /mnt/SD

$ sudo mount -t vfat /dev/mmcblk0 /mnt/SD

$ sudo cd /mnt/SD

$ sudo wget

$ sudo tar -xzvf alpine-rpi-3.8.0-armhf.tar.gz --no-same-owner

$ sudo rm alpine-rpi-3.8.0-armhf.tar.gz

4. Add a usercfg.txt file as per

5. Unmount and load the SD card into Raspberry Pi and power on.

I've also tried a different SD card and tried both cards in two
different Raspberry Pi 3B's all with the same result.

I think there's some assumed step or setting that I'm missing--can
anyone advise?



Received on Sat Jul 28 2018 - 09:44:12 UTC