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Re: [alpine-user] Trouble Installing Oracle Java

From: Bruce Montrose <>
Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2018 09:26:31 -0400

Thanks for the info.  Since Oracle Java is not required over OpenJdk which I see is available from aports/community, I think I'll just go with that and scrap the Oracle Java.

Bruce Montrose Computer Scientist Naval Research Laboratory Code 5542 4555 Overlook Ave. SW Washington, DC 20375
On 7/31/2018 9:14:23 AM, Marco Dickert <> wrote:

On 2018-07-31 08:28:52, Bruce Montrose wrote:
> Now, I get the following when I try to execute java:
> Error relocating /opt/java/jdk-10.0.2/bin/../lib/jli/ __rawmemchr: symbol not found

well, as far as I can tell, this symbol is missing in the musl libc used by
alpine linux. So I guess you have the following options:

* use a method described here [1]
* use gcompat [2], [3], [4] (which is the preferred way according to some IRC
talks I remember)
* use this glibc package [5] (which is NOT recommended by the IRC people, but

[2] (their certificate expired last night,
obviously no one monitored that, so if you are concerned, use the GitHub mirror)
[3] (the GitHub mirror)
[5] (NOT recommended)

PS: Make sure to keep the mailing list in cc ;)

Marco Dickert
Received on Tue Jul 31 2018 - 09:26:31 UTC