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[alpine-user] Wireless access point with b43 problem

From: Kegan Simpson <>
Date: Sat, 4 Aug 2018 21:55:51 -0400

I followed the tutorial to build and install the b43 drivers so my HP Mini
110 can connect wirelessly to the internet. It uses BCM4312. The driver was
successfully built with abuild and modprobe worked and everything was nice.
an "ip link" command showed me wlan0 which was not there previously. But
then when I go to do "sudo ip link set wlan0 up" it gives me error "ip:
ioctl 0x8914 failed: no error information". I'm completely confused as to
why it's not working and not even giving me any error info to fix the
problem. I've tried the command with sudo and without. I've googled
different terms trying to find a solution myself but no luck. Help! Thanks

Received on Sat Aug 04 2018 - 21:55:51 UTC