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Re: [alpine-user] Alpine Linu Audio

From: Pietro Leone Pola Falletti di Villafalletto <>
Date: Sat, 17 Nov 2018 16:46:26 +0100

Hallo, sorry for the double post, I did not received the first one so I
supposed something went wrong. Yes, English is not my mother tongue, but
this it is not an excuse to be so relaxed in writing the help request.

By now I'm using a cubietruck as a music player, using a bash script I
choose randomly the ogg files and then I create a m3u playlist that is
played automatically by ogg123 at boot. Everyday at 6.00AM the
cubietruck restarts, a new playlist is created and played.

I want to do the same thing using alpine linux on a RaspberryPy3. But I
have some issue with sound device.

I'm already using Alpine as a DHCP/DNS/Proxy server at home and I use as
much as possible in my experiment using Docker, but I never used it in a
more multimedia/desktop role.

I'm using AlpineLinux 3.8.1, I noticed the kernel module snd_bcm2835 is
not loaded by default. I added the module name in /etc/modules and it is
loaded at boot time, but nothing else. I installed alsa, alsamixer and
various dipendences following the audio tutorial on AlpineLinux wiki,
but the sound card is not recognized and now I'm stuck.

When I try launching alsamixer:

cannot open mixer: No such file or directory

Thanks, Pietro.

On 2018-11-16 10:34, Vincent Bentley wrote:
> I am English. My mastery of German, French, Italian, Spanish and Welsh
> languages is rudimentary. I stumble along trying my best when I need to
> communicate using them.
> Pietro's request looked to me like someone bravely asking for assistance
> in a language foreign to their own. To me, the message was interpreted
> as "Has anyone out there got ALSA working on a Raspberry Pi 3 using
> Alpine Linux, it works on Debian?".
> Pietro, I don't have a Raspberry Pi 3, so I cannot answer your question.
> Perhaps someone else can.
> Christian, thanks for posting the link. I found it both interesting and
> useful.
> -Vince-
> On 16/11/2018 00:22, Christian Kujau wrote:
>> On Thu, 15 Nov 2018, Pietro Leone Pola Falletti di Villafalletto wrote:
>>> Hi, I want to use AlpineLinux on a RaspberryPi3 as a radio, now I use
>>> Debian.
>> Even posting the question twice to the list, but without any more details
>> to go by :-\ So, it looks as if your Pi has some trouble accessing the
>> sound chip. But w/o details, one can only guess.
>> May I suggest:
>> Thanks,
>> C.
>>> I followed a couple of tutorial, but the issue is that snd module is not
>>> loaded and even if I load it by hand asamixer does not work. In
>>> dev/snd I see
>>> only /dev/snd/timer.
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