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Re: [alpine-user] setup-alpine cannot save configs

From: Chloe Kudryavtsev <>
Date: Fri, 7 Dec 2018 21:24:57 -0500

On 12/7/2018 5:41 PM, wrote:
> Enter where to store configs ('floppy', 'sda2', 'usb' or 'none') [sda2]:
> no error message but any alpine.apkovl.tar.gz file is created on sda2 :(

The utility in question is setup-lbu.
There are lots of issues with it right now.
/media/ filesystems are currently mounted ro by default - you can
remount it rw on your own (mount /media/sda2 -o remount,rw) and then run
`setup-lbu sda2`.

> Trying to create a configuration file with
> setup-alpine -c /media/sda2/apkovl.conf

`setup-alpine -c` is for something entirely different (an answer file).
These have a good chance of being abandoned relatively soon too, so
please avoid using that.

> And yet when setup-alpine prompts me to create a cache
> Enter apk cache directory (or '?' or 'none') [/media/sda2/cache]:
> it creates correctly the /cache folder, and apk saves downloaded packages
> in it.

The utility in question here is setup-apkcache.
This utility does indeed perform the remount necessary (around line 150
or so).

> Is there a chance that setup-alpine is modified to do it? (or maybe it is
> only a bug?)
> Alpine would be perfect if it was possible to save the config on a HD
> partition.

Based on your prior description, there seems to be a misunderstanding
unto what a "config" is.
apkovl is a tarball (from /) of various files that will be unpacked into
the tmpfs during bootup (assuming no other root is found, and the apkovl
is found by nlplug-findfs).

Either way, I would definitely call this a bug.
However, alpine-conf (the package that contains all of the
above-mentioned utilities) is currently a mess.
Ideally, it should be fixed as a whole.
I would try to take up the task, but currently I'm busy writing the
documentation (that you will be able to refer to to find out more about
lbu, apkovls and similar such things).

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