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Re: [alpine-user] shared apk cache

From: PICCORO McKAY Lenz <>
Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2019 08:37:29 -0400

El jue., 17 de ene. de 2019 a la(s) 08:10, Alex Athanasopoulos ( escribió:

> Is it safe to use an /etc/apk/cache directory that is shared across
> multiple Alpine Linux systems with the same version?
as i know, the index and packages to take will be "controled" by the index
of the repository so.. if in the cache directory we have two versions only
those registered by the index repository loaded will be taken and make

> I use Alpine containers on LXD.
was a great idea, can you make a wiki page about it? seems wiki NEED A LOVE!

> I just started using them with a shared /etc/cache/apk as follows, and
> it seems to work fine:
on same versions or differents versions of alpine? more than one.?
i guess if two alpine version close will not have too much conflicts.. but
as i said in firts.. there's no techincally problems


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