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[alpine-user] OpenSSL Padlock patch

From: Vincent Bentley <>
Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2019 13:39:42 +0000

I have a handful of 32-bit VIA hosts on my network. They don't consume
much electricity and they perform better than comparable ARM devices as
the VIA Padlock Engine provides a welcome boost with its support for
AES. They are also very cheap when bought as used thin client terminals.

I have two of these machines running Alpine Linux 3.8.2 and I haven't
checked yet if the OpenSSL on them is still being accelerated by the
Padlock engine. I noticed recently that the Padlock specific patches for
OpenSSL are no longer being hosted on, could this be
because non-Alpine Linux users have been downloading them from there?

The reason I ask is that my other VIA hosts are running FreeBSD 12.0
with packages built from source code using a FreeBSD tool called
Poudriere. My i386 builds are currently failing on OpenSSL because I
have switched on the option to compile OpenSSL with Padlock support.
After examining the make files I can see that the FreeBSD maintainer for
OpenSSL has used GIT to pull the patches from and as
they are no longer there, OpenSSL won't build on FreeBSD i386 with
Padlock support.

I don't know if the four missing patches for OpenSSL Padlock support
have been merged with upstream code, are they still necessary? All I
know so far is that I have a FreeBSD port that fails to build because of
a dependency on missing patches that were previously available on Alpine
Linux and that the FreeBSD package maintainer has yet to respond to my
enquiry. Does anyone know what the current status is with OpenSSL and
Padlock support?

I will be contacting OpenSSL developers to find out what is going on
with Padlock support. I just wanted to know if copies of these patches
are still available from somewhere. If they are still necessary, could I
pass them on to the FreeBSD OpenSSL maintainer so that the patches could
be put on their patch system.

Received on Tue Jan 29 2019 - 13:39:42 UTC