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[alpine-user] Vulnerability mechanism of debian apt applies to apk ?

From: Euro Domenii <>
Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2019 17:47:58 +0200

Here is the IRC log:

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[15:24] <EuroDomenii> Is there an equivalent of the apt vulnerability for apk ?
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[15:25] <EuroDomenii> In the past, Max Justicz has found
[15:26] <AinNero> that issue was unrelated to redirects
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[15:26] <mps> EuroDomenii: this issue is was a little overhyped by author,
[15:26] <AinNero> like apk and apt are different programs, with different
[15:27] <AinNero> mps: Security Issues are always overhyped
[15:27] <mps> AinNero: right :)
[15:27] <AinNero> except in this case, it didn't even get an own domain
[15:27] <AinNero> with fancy website
[15:28] <AinNero> if you know my blog, i have a rant up about reputation
whoring in the ITsec industry
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[15:28] <EuroDomenii> thanks for reply
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[15:28] <mps> I looked it earlier but forgot exact url
[15:29] <EuroDomenii> So, the apk packages are sanitizing correctly the
[15:29] <_at_clandmeter> EuroDomenii: i dont know if we are vulnerable. The
persons who could know are not online atm.
[15:30] <mps> EuroDomenii: it is hard to inject package which is not passed
official check on Alpine
[15:30] <AinNero> EuroDomenii: apk does not use hashsums from repository
server like debian does
[15:30] <mps> that one could be used only if you install package from
untrusted repo
[15:31] <_at_clandmeter> EuroDomenii: the best way would be to verify it
yourself and let us know.
[15:31] <mps> but, if you install package from untrusted repo it is always
[15:32] <EuroDomenii> Thanks for the tips. I'm quite new to alpine. Anyway,
it's may worth the vulnerability mechanism in debian, to check if it
applies to alpine
[15:32] <_at_clandmeter> EuroDomenii: some insight on that sec issue you
[15:33] <mps> also, in Debian if someone add package with 'rm -rf /' in
post-install you are doomed

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