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Re: [alpine-user] setup-alpine broken?

From: Chloe Kudryavtsev <>
Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2019 11:42:20 -0500

On 1/31/2019 3:02 AM, Thomas Samoht wrote:
> Hi,

Heya! Let me answer the ones I can.

> 1. setup-alpine runs fine, until after it has asked for
> chronyd which i accepted. Then the setup stucks forever.
> Parallel ttys do still work at that time. So whats wrong
> with setup-alpine?

This sounds a bit like broken networking to me, but that should be
timing out.
I suppose the question is on how long "forever" is.
Alternatively, this could be it getting stuck trying to get enough
entropy (though again, I'm not sure if that's the case).
Can you try adding `random.trust_cpu=on` to the kernel command line on boot?

> 2a. I am sure, xvesa is supported from xfce being listed
> on distrowatch for your distro. However, it is not clear
> which proprietary drivers (like for nvidia or amd graphics
> cards are supported). Neither of xvesa, xorg, nvidia, amd*
> is listed in the package search. Can you enlighten me?

As far as I'm aware, proprietary drivers are not supported.
First off, we don't really like proprietary software, but on top of
that, there's no way for us to patch them (e.g for them to work with musl).
You're free to try running the "official installer" off their websites
though - just don't expect it to necessarily work.

> 2b. Are proprietary printer drivers supported (samsung, hp, etc),
> or just cups?

Same as above, though do note that hp's drivers specifically aren't all
that proprietary - hplip is available in-repo.

> 3. I also cannot find (=search) xfce in your package lists, although
> it was listed on distrowatch, while i can find openbox there. So
> which of the common window managers are supported?

If you mean using pkgs.a.o[1], it only does exact matches.
However, it does support wildcards.
Xfce is available as "xfce4".
Next time, try adding some "*"s to your searches.
Alternatively, you can use `apk search` from inside of alpine - it uses
substring matching.

> 4. From your point of view: Would there be any upcoming problems for me
> to compile the i3 wm sources (and the usual helper tools) on my own?

Probably not, but you might miss out on musl-specific patches, such as

> 5. As I have mostly used virtualbox instead of xen, this is a Xen-newbie
> question, so forgive me, if I havent had the time to read all the
> documentation yet: I expect xen to be able to do exactly what
> virtualbox can do. 5a) Is that correct? 5b) Is direct device
> forwarding possible (network, usb devices, etc)? 5c) What about
> sound (onboard and usb sound cards)? As I read, Alpine uses
> alsa (which is nice in my point of view): What happens if the
> guest-os uses pulseaudio? Does this scenario work as expected
> with xen?

I have never used xen, but my understanding is that it goes further than
virtualbox, and allows for paravirt.

Hopefully (at least some of) this helps!


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