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[alpine-user] ZFS - I need a howto for v3.9 that works

From: Vincent Bentley <>
Date: Fri, 8 Feb 2019 15:45:18 +0000

I am a fan of Alpine Linux. I accept that licensing prevents ZFS from
being properly integrated into any Linux distribution. However, it would
be nice to find a comprehensive how-to for ZFS that is complete, tested
and proven to work on Alpine v3.9 .

I have been struggling with this how-to from the Alpine wiki on a 'bare
metal' install,

I get most of the way through just fine until setup-disk complains that
/mnt does not seem to be a mount point. Perhaps this worked some time
ago or I am doing something completely wrong. Has anybody else used this
how-to on v3.9 successfully? It assumes using MBR partitions when GPT
(with EFI) are more applicable for newer hardware.

I don't need LUKS. I was just following a how-to to get any ZFS install
on Alpine v3.9 actually working. I am trying to develop processes to do
the following installs on Alpine v3.9:-

1. Mirrored ZFS Root
ZFS on root, 3 drives, 2 of them mirrored with 1 spare

2. ZFS Striped Mirror
ZFS for a data pool, 5 drives, 2 striped disks in set A, 2 striped disks
in set B, mirror of A&B, 1 spare.

3. ZFS RaidZ2
ZFS for a data pool, 5 drives

I have just found this webpage written for the old hardened kernel that
looks like it is for GPT as it creates a 'EF02' partition...
I will try this now.

My test rig is as simple as I can get. It has a hard drive that boots
Alpine 3.9 (sda) and another for installing ZFS to (sdb). The LUKS
how-to appears to suggest that the finished install will boot ZFS on
root with the original boot drive removed. But it doesn't state this

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