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Re: [alpine-user] issues with compiler & crt

From: PICCORO McKAY Lenz <>
Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2019 08:29:42 -0400

El vie., 22 de feb. de 2019 a la(s) 05:00, Riccardo Mottola ( escribió:

> "wrong" guess :) Palemoon 27 indeed needed gcc 4.x series, however this
> fork has updated code and compiles up to gcc 6.5, this has been tested
> on Linux /Devuan, Debian, Ubuntu and Gentoo). as well as NetBSD.
i checked that browser ArticFox, seems like a modern up to date version of
palemoon with some features from others browsers..

the browser seems very new, seems works as a modern alternative to current
ones, commits are very new, currently firefox x86 on alpine does not works
and hangs any machines that not are minimal with 2GHz with two cores! so
for olders options i guess are not an option and palemoon are the only one
on those cases!..

IN any case, here it is not an issue with the code, but with the
> compiler tests failing due to linker symbols. I guess this is soemthing
> Alpine specific.
ummm no idea, do you reported agains ?

> Riccardo

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