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Re: [alpine-user] issues with compiler & crt

From: Riccardo Mottola <>
Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2019 23:46:23 +0100

Hi Finn!

Finn O'Leary wrote:
> Are you sure /usr/lib/ contains (crti.o|Scrt1.o|libssp_nonshared.a)?
> They are contained in the package `musl-dev`, ensure you have this package
> before building. If not that, then it is likely that your build process is
> checking /usr/lib32 and /usr/lib64 but not /usr/lib
> Hope this helps

yes, It helps! but not enough.
I have a conflict with gcc8 and gcc6, that is "gcc" (which is acutally
gcc8) and the gcc6 I do need to compile this.

I would have expected to be able to intall two compilers.
gcc6 itself goes, but not g++6, since apparently the two libstdcc+8 and
libstdc++-6 cannot exist together? The former is needed for icu, shich
is important, so, apparently one cannot have two different g++ versions

I tried removing them, just as a test, but still cannot, it seems g++6
itself depends on libstdc++ 8, but so I entr some sort of loop.

Can two versions of the compiler exist? Can gc6 be used alone, at least
(even if having gcc8 is preferrable, since good for other packages)


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