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Re: [alpine-user] Can't boot linux-vanilla on armhf

From: Daniel Kulesz <>
Date: Sun, 3 Mar 2019 18:43:52 +0100

Hi Paul,

thank you for reporting this issue - I experienced exactly the same, and like you tried on a number of different Allwinner boards and different Alpine versions (3.8, 3.9, 3.9.1):

- Olimex oLinuxo Lime2 (A20)
- Cubietruck (A20)
- Orange Pi Zero (H2+)

My workaround was to use the Devuan kernel, but of course I'd like to have the packaged and more recent Alpine kernel instead. If I understand correctly, all you did to workaround this issue was to recompile the plain vanilla Kernel instead of using the packaged one. Is this correct? Did you also change anything in extlinux.conf or did you only replace the kernel image?

Cheers, Daniel

Received on Sun Mar 03 2019 - 18:43:52 UTC