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[alpine-user] Wifi connection problem

From: Genoperno Translucente <>
Date: Sat, 16 Mar 2019 21:30:36 +0100

I have a problem with a wifi connection, I'm using alpine 3.9.2.
I use the "setup-interfaces" script, enter the network ssid, the
password and then I choose dhcp.
When I restart the networking (/etc/init.d/networking restart), alpine
try to connect unsuccessfully:
udhcpc: sending discover
udhcpc failed to get a DHCP lease
udhcpc: no lease, forking to background

I also tried inserting ip, netmask and gateways manually but it
doesn't work anyway.

On other PCs the connection works correctly (both in dhcp and manually
mode) and also on the same PC with another live distro.
Instead Alpine have any problem with wifi tethering of my phone (both
manual and with dhcp), so I can't even imagine what kind of problem
that would be.

Received on Sat Mar 16 2019 - 21:30:36 UTC