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Re: [alpine-user] ArcticFox - musl undefined symbols

From: Riccardo Mottola <>
Date: Wed, 27 Mar 2019 18:12:19 +0100

Hi Natanael,

Natanael Copa wrote:
> On Tue, 12 Mar 2019 00:32:46 +0100
> Riccardo Mottola <> wrote:
> Have you reported this to ArticFox developers?

I am one of the developers.... so it would be like reporting it to myself.

>> main culprits are rand, srand, atoi and lateron bsearch
>> Any suggestions?
> musl has all those symbols:
> $ nm -D /lib/ | grep -E -w '(rand|srand|atoi)'
> 000000000004cccf T atoi
> 000000000003c996 T rand
> 000000000003c98b T srand
> So my guess is that the linker flags are wrong for some reason?
> This should be reported to ArticFox developers

The linker flags are set somehow automatically by the build system which
is carried over from PaleMoon and FireFox.

In what could the flag differ from standard linux? It is libc, so I
wonder why it is not found.
We can see that


is invoked.

Do you know of any specific patche sin the Firefox build system about
linking? or special linker option to pass in the .mozconfig file? As now
I am treating AlpineLInux just as " linux"


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