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[alpine-user] Hi a few questions...

From: Smo Oey <>
Date: Sat, 30 Mar 2019 00:29:31 -0500

Was just wondering if it's possible to install a binary of whatever
browser you'd like to install that's not in repos? I noticed there are
no privacy/security related browsers in the repos... I tried using
Brave, Ungoogled Chromium so far and can't get them running. Brave and
Ungoogled Chromium both require "user namespaces" enabled or whatever
and don't know how to enable that, and make it stick?

When you create a user during installation (I've had it in virtualbox
so far), does it automatically put them in normal default groups? If
not, how do you add the users to all normal/basic groups? usermod -a
-G audio,cdrom,wheel, etc don't work.

I did the clock timezone settings during install, but after having
XFCE installed and so forth, the clock in top right is an hour behind.
I tried setting a timezone in the field and nothing worked... so not
sure how you change /adjust the timezone to make it right?

What happened to the hardened kernel, I thought Alpine was supposed to
be small, simple and secure? Taking out the hardened kernel is like
running a security firm like ADT and selling customers the security
hardware, without the system (software) lol...

If I have more questions I'll ask later... thanks

Received on Sat Mar 30 2019 - 00:29:31 UTC