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[alpine-devel] apk-tools - In need of a minimal spec

From: Orion <>
Date: Mon, 2 Feb 2015 00:32:18 -0800

I have began reading through the apk-tools source code with the goal of
teaching myself more about how package managers work by porting
it into go-lang. I would appreciate help compiling some minimally
sufficient specification for this.

I ask for your help because I have had little luck finding any kind of
documentation, design thoughts, comments, or self describing
functions/variables. Let me know what the easiest means of discussion
would be.

# Stuff I Found Confusing
 * blob.c
        * memspn()
        * memcspn()
        * apk_blob_spn()
        * apk_blob_cspn()
        * digitdecode & dx()
                - is data taken, encoded with your own custom codec and
                  then put into a blow?
 * archive.c & gunzip.c
        * is the tar and gzip code used custom or pulled from existing

Thank you for your time.

Received on Mon Feb 02 2015 - 00:32:18 UTC