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[alpine-devel] On the relevance of alpine-standard.iso

From: ScrumpyJack <>
Date: Wed, 22 Jul 2015 12:46:33 +0000 (UTC)

Poking around the alpine ISO, there seems to be a healthy selection of
packages in there geared toward the assumption that the user will be
building a switch, a router, or a voip appliance, SIP or something

This seems to show a bias towards network appliance building, and is the
result of a choice in packages to include, and that choice implies a
preference, or a bias. This would be fine if network appliances was all
Alpine Linux was good for, but, of course Alpine Linux is much more
than that.

The obvious question is why exclude or omit this or that packages?

In addition, that makes the ISO an edited version of the ever growing
Alpine Repositories.

To avoid this sort of limiting experience, or bias, or edited selection, I
wonder if there is a use of a large Alpine Linux ISO build/distribution.

At risk of sounding like a sales person, the alpine-mini ISO, which
contains the essential packages to boot a basic operating environment,
set up wired/wireless networking and an ssh server, allows the user enough
to go find the exact packages she needs to build her environment and
choose the software she'd like.

In addition, it was pointed out to me that perhaps packages in an ISO
might deter some from connecting to, or setting up, a repo, which has
implications on keeping up to day with security patches.

Would there be value in ceasing to provide the current Alpine Linux
"standard" ISO, and replacing it with the Alpine Mini ISO (and dropping
the mini label)?

Apologies for the lengthy, sometimes eye-rolling email.


Received on Wed Jul 22 2015 - 12:46:33 UTC