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[alpine-devel] No keyboard and no mouse with X

From: Etienne <>
Date: Sun, 2 Apr 2017 21:42:36 +0100

Hello list,

I'm currently trying Alpine linux, but I get a slight annoyance: no
matter what xf86-input-* package I add, on the three laptops I tried, I
never get the integrated keyboard and touchpad to work under X (the
keyboard is fine in the console), only a USB keyboard and a USB mouse work.

I have been following these instructions:, XFCE launches fine, the
resolution is correct, and the list of relevant packages installed is
the following:

| # apk info | grep xf86 | sort
| libxxf86vm
| xf86-input-evdev
| xf86-input-evdev-dev
| xf86-input-evdev-doc
| xf86-input-keyboard
| xf86-input-keyboard-doc
| xf86-input-mouse
| xf86-input-mouse-dev
| xf86-input-mouse-doc
| xf86-input-synaptics
| xf86-input-vmmouse
| xf86-input-vmmouse-doc
| xf86-video-ati
| xf86-video-fbdev
| xf86-video-i128
| xf86-video-modesetting
| xf86-video-r128
| xf86-video-vesa

Am I missing something? The three laptops I tried are old and new
Thinkpads, a t460s, an X100e, and an X120e, if that matters. Also, in
the output of dmesg, just after running startx, there's the following
(not sure that matters):

| [ 1053.907895] grsec: denied resource overstep by requesting 21 for
RLIMIT_NICE against limit 0 for /usr/bin/xinit[xinit:2955]
uid/euid:1000/1000 gid/egid:1000/
1000, parent /usr/bin/startx[startx:2930] uid/euid:1000/1000

I'm not sure where to look to solve this. Has anyone a clue about what I
should do?


Received on Sun Apr 02 2017 - 21:42:36 UTC