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Re: [alpine-devel] Change Travis in Alpine Continuous Integration

From: Francesco Colista <>
Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2017 23:05:28 +0200

Il 2017-07-12 15:22 Breno Leitao ha scritto:
> Hello,
>> Now that we can all agree that this is a waste of time (if not tell
>> me, I'll write a longer mail), let's get some actual work done
>> instead.
> I am sorry, I think that the problem was not well state before, thus
> part of
> the confusion here. I understand Roberto does not want to change Travis
> to
> Jenkins at Alpine (although the email title). Let me try to address the
> problem from a different angle:
> Problem:
> -------
> Currently only x86 is being part of the Alpine CI. We understand that
> not
> testing on non x86 on the CI could be a problem. I personally would
> like to
> know if my hackish changes would break ARM, for example, and CI is what
> shows
> us this.
> In fact, non x86 is the platform would take more benefit of CI than x86
> in my
> opinion, because the developer machines are x86 usually. So, most of
> the the
> changes are usually tested on x86 but rarely on other platforms, thus,
> the
> requirement to have non x86 machines as part of the CI seems important.
> My experience with other distros also shows that non x86 breaks up to 7
> times
> more than x86.[1][2]
> If we agree that this is a real problem, then we have several ways to
> solve it.
> Possible solutions:
> --------------------
> a) Add ppc64le, s390x and arm to Travis infrastructure.
> Pro: Transparent integration
> Cons: Not something that would be done in the near term.
> b) Use another software to do CI on non-x86 platforms as a POC.
> 1) Jenkins:
> Pro: Scripts ready to do github integration
> Cons: Bloated software
> 2) Buildbot+Homu
> Pro: More contained software
> Cons: Need a little bit more of handwork.
> 3) A customized script
> Pro: Will fit better for Alpine.
> Cons: More work (reivinting the wheel?)
> 4) Others?
> Looking at the whole thread, I understand that option b.2) is what the
> community is suggesting as the best approach, and we would like to stay
> aligned with the community, since we might extend it to s390x and ARM
> later
> (Maybe even x86 in the future, if our infrastructure becomes
> stable/good enough).
> With this thread author experiences, Roberto and myself are going to
> create a
> buildbot CI PoC and address better the Pros and Cons. Let's see what we
> can
> do in this area.
> Thank you for sharing your experiences,
> Breno

FWIW, I've packaged jenkins, it's in testing.
With edge doesn't work due to the ttf-dejavu package that is broken
But tbh I didn't go trought this too much, since in 3.6 it works nicely
and out-of-the-box.
I will take a deeper look on monday, since I'll be away for this
See you climbers!

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