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(unknown charset) [alpine-devel] VGA hot plug not work on a Intel J3160 mini PC

From: (unknown charset) duanyao <>
Date: Thu, 2 Nov 2017 17:44:38 +0800


I'm testing Alpine 3.6.2 (text console mode) on a mini PC with a Intel
J3160 CPU.

It's using the integrated GPU and connected with a VGA display (Dell

If I hot plug the display, it will not work anymore (the display says
there is no signal). The system is still running, and I can ssh into it.

There is nothing shown in dmesg or syslog when plug out or plug in the

However, display hot plug works fine in BIOS settings (AMI) and grub2,
and also in Ubuntu 16.04 and Win 10 PE on this mini PC.

VGA hot plug also works with Alpine 3.6.2 on some other PC (e.g. Dell
3020), so it seems a problem with this special hardware+OS


Any suggestion to investigate this issue? Thanks!

Duan, yao

Received on Thu Nov 02 2017 - 17:44:38 UTC