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Re: [alpine-devel] RFC: Introducing tools-base meta package

From: Cág <>
Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2018 13:26:22 +0000

Przemysław Pawełczyk wrote:

> Mind that this RFC is not about replacing busybox, but about introducing
> changes that would make such endeavour more pain-free if ever happening.
> But let me very briefly go into that territory too.
> Why replace busybox?
> To have better implementation of widely used tools, of course.
> Any candidates?

I threw away busybox and other "core/base" packages (they are, as a
matter of fact, present because of dependencies but are dummy and
contain nothing) and replaced them with:

sbase - portable Unix utilities (cat, du, ls etc.);
ubase - unportable Linux utilities (mount, ps, dd etc.);
sinit - a simple init;
svc - service management (init scripts were brought from stali and
vis - a text editor (sbase has a very ed implementation);
mksh - a shell;
nawk - the One True Awk;
pigz - for gzip
iproute2 - for various net utilities;
sdhcp - a small DHCP client;
curses - NetBSD curses.

What's missing (stty, patch, diff etc.) can be pulled from BSDs or

With this on top of the "real" Alpine core (musl/apk-tools etc.) you
have a complete distribution.

Also, what can be statically linked should be statically linked.

Now, we need a decent file system layout, throw away all GNU
dependencies, link everything statically (, write our own kernel, reach
Mars before Elon Musk...)

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