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Re: [alpine-user] How do I add openssh to the packages that are loaded at boot time?

From: Steffen Nurpmeso <>
Date: Fri, 28 Oct 2016 13:02:03 +0200

Lev <> wrote:
 |On Fri, 28 Oct 2016 12:11:37 +0200
 |Steffen Nurpmeso <> wrote:
 |> I always dreamed of a Linux Kernel with a BSD userland, it is very
 |> homogenous.
 |You should try Void Linux. I almost switched to Void from Debian, but
 |when the package manager screwed the system, I went back to Debian. It
 |was developed by a BSD guy, so it is like a BSD. I hope one day they
 |fix the package manager issue, and I could say good by to Debian.
 |I don't use systemd, and I'm quite happy with my Debian as it
 |is today.

Oh yes, Void i have forgotten -- Ypnose was one of the first who
packaged the MUA i maintain. "It is" definetely not "like a BSD",
but a nice and cute Linux with runit (by default). I never had
such problems, in fact i really like Xtraemes pretty well, what it
reports and the info it provides! But using it is not so easy as,
e.g., pacman. I still have a VM, but my main machine died and
this one can dig only one, maximally two concurrently, and i had
to choose, and ArchLinux has prebuild packages for gcc and clang,
etc., and always the newest. That is better for developing, and
my machine has not the resources to build, e.g., clang. But Void
is really great. Actually i see that they have gained a clang
package in the meanwhile... A grown set of contributors in the
last one or two years it seems. Well. I am waiting for the new
installation medium, and hope for a non-graphical-by-default boot
in the future. ^.^ Yes, Void. Ever so amazing, with all that
automated environment he built, with the automatic test runs and
all that!

 |On my home server, of course I run FreeBSD. That is really the best for
 |my old rig running in the basement.

Sure. I am only working in VMs. With support for that new memory
crypto a very basic Linux system with kvm, vde etc. would be ideal
for me, then FreeBSD and others in the VM, on the work machine.
Especially so if the basis does not even need to provide an
X server, but if that can be directly driven on hardware by a VM,
i seem to remember that this is being worked on. That's all. ^.^


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