Alpine Linux 3.14.1 released

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The Alpine Linux project is pleased to announce the immediate
availability of version 3.14.1 of its Alpine Linux operating system.

This release includes a fix for apk-tools CVE-2021-36159[1].

The full lists of changes can be found in the git log[2].

[1]: https://security.alpinelinux.org/vuln/CVE-2021-36159
[2]: http://git.alpinelinux.org/cgit/aports/log/?h=v3.14.1

Git Shortlog

6543 (1):
      community/gitea: upgrade to 1.14.3

Andy Postnikov (16):
      community/php7-pecl-imagick: upgrade to 3.5.0
      community/php8-pecl-imagick: upgrade to 3.5.0
      community/php7-pecl-xhprof: upgrade to 2.3.3
      community/php8-pecl-xhprof: upgrade to 2.3.3
      community/php8: security upgrade to 8.0.8 - CVE-2021-21705
      community/php7: security upgrade to 7.4.21 - CVE-2021-21705
      community/php7-pecl-ast: upgrade to 1.0.13
      community/php8-pecl-ast: upgrade to 1.0.13
      community/php7-pecl-mongodb: upgrade to 1.10.0
      community/php8-pecl-mongodb: upgrade to 1.10.0
      community/drupal7: security upgrade to 7.82 - CVE-2021-32610
      community/php7-pecl-igbinary: upgrade to 3.2.4
      community/php8-pecl-igbinary: upgrade to 3.2.4
      community/nodejs-current: security upgrade to 16.6.0
      community/php7: upgrade to 7.4.22
      community/php8: upgrade to 8.0.9

Ariadne Conill (28):
      main/rssh: add mitigations for CVE-2019-3463 and CVE-2019-1000018, secfixes data for CVE-2019-3464
      main/nikto: add mitigation for CVE-2018-11652
      main/avahi: add mitigation for CVE-2021-3468
      main/patch: add mitigation for CVE-2019-20633
      main/unzip: add mitigation for CVE-2018-18384 (incomplete fix of CVE-2014-9913)
      main/{bind,dhcp}: fix secfixes data for CVE-2019-6470
      community/quassel: add mitigation for CVE-2021-34825
      community/gdnsd: security upgrade to 2.4.3 (CVE-2019-13952)
      main/luajit: disable some tests on mips64
      main/luajit: fix testsuite paths for mips64 case
      community/notcurses: skip tests on mips64, slow builder
      community/opendmarc: add mitigation for CVE-2021-34555
      main/libretls: downgrade libtls SOVERSION to allow coexistence with community/libressl
      main/libretls: add so:libtls.so.20 provides for transitional period
      main: chase libretls SOVERSION change
      community/codemadness-frontends: chase libretls SOVERSION change
      main/zstd: disable tests on 32-bit arm due to issues caused by having 160 threads
      community/csync2: add mitigations for CVE-2019-15522 and CVE-2019-15523
      community/applet-window-buttons: block on mips64
      community/xrdp: update secfixes data
      community/libvterm: add mitigation for CVE-2018-20786
      main/avahi: add mitigation for CVE-2021-36217
      community/hdf5: fix secfixes
      main/nodejs: security upgrade to 14.17.3 (CVE-2021-22918)
      main/aspell: add mitigation for CVE-2019-25051 / OSV-2020-521
      community/libmad: fix secfixes data to include CVE-2018-7263
      community/openvswitch: add mitigation for CVE-2021-36980
      community/djvulibre: add mitigations for CVE-2021-3500, CVE-2021-32490, CVE-2021-32491, CVE-2021-32492, CVE-2021-32493

Bart Ribbers (20):
      community/py3-tinydb: upgrade to 4.4.0 and modernize
      community/plasma: upgrade to
      community/plasma-desktop: disable on ppc64le
      community/purpose: disable on ppc64le
      community/plasma-browser-integration: disable on ppc64le
      community/plasma-desktop: actually disable on ppc64le
      community/applet-window-buttons: new aport
      community/mauikit: depend on applet-window-buttons
      community/mauikit-texteditor: new aport
      community/nota: depend on mauikit-texteditor
      community/buho: add dep on mauikit-texteditor
      community/buho: bump pkgrel
      community/xwayland: add missing replaces on xorg-server-xwayland
      community/wlroots0.12: add missing replaces on wlroots
      community/discover: disable KCM
      community/osmscout-server: upgrade to 2.0.3
      community/osmscout-server: install proper config version
      community/plasmatube: upgrade to 0_git20210709
      community/plasmatube: upgrade to 0_git20210718
      community/plasmatube: upgrade to 0_git20210719

Carlo Landmeter (2):
      main/libretls: fix boostrap build
      community/vectorscan: add debug symbols package

Clayton Craft (1):
      community/gnome-shell: drop dependency on nm-applet

Devin Lin (2):
      community/kweathercore: new aport
      community/kweather: upgrade to 21.06

Duncan Bellamy (6):
      community/dovecot-fts-xapian: upgrade to 1.4.10 rebuild against new dovecot
      community/dovecot-fts-xapian: upgrade to 1.4.11
      community/rspamd: use luajit for all arches * add lpeg patch * fixes #12822
      community/ceph: upgrade to 16.2.5
      community/suricata: upgrade to 6.0.3
      community/libhtp: upgrade to 0.5.38

Francesco Colista (4):
      community/bareos: remove py3-selenium dep from webui subpackage
      community/sngrep: enable eep support
      community/sngrep: disable test-003
      main/sofia-sip: upgrade to 1.13.4

Henrik Riomar (1):
      main/rsyslog: load custom config before standard rules

Holger Jaekel (2):
      community/gdal: upgrade to 3.2.3
      community/hdf5: upgrade to 1.12.1

J0WI (11):
      main/mariadb: security upgrade to 10.5.11
      community/firefox: upgrade to 89.0.1
      main/nspr: upgrade to 4.31
      community/mozjs78: security upgrade to 78.12.0
      main/varnish: security upgrade to 6.6.1
      main/curl: security upgrade to 7.78.0
      main/redis: security upgrade to 6.2.5
      main/krb5: security upgrade to 1.18.4
      community/miniupnpd: update secfixes
      community/exiv2: security upgrade to 0.27.4
      main/libretls: upgrade to 3.3.3p1

Jakub Jirutka (12):
      community/yamllint: upgrade to 1.26.1
      community/njs: upgrade to 0.5.3
      community/cesnet-tcs-cli: upgrade to 0.4.0
      community/libstemmer: remove duplicate
      main/fail2ban: fix tests and re-enable for all arches
      main/fail2ban: move tests to -test subpackage
      main/fail2ban: remove path configs for other distros
      main/fail2ban: skip failing DNSUtilsNetworkTests.testFQDN
      main/dhcpcd: upgrade to 8.1.9
      community/ruby-ffi: upgrade to 1.15.3
      community/git-metafile: upgrade to 0.2.1
      */linux-*: fix perms of kernel.release file to 644

Kaarle Ritvanen (1):
      community/py3-django: security upgrade to 3.1.13

Kevin Daudt (4):
      main/openssh: reset dependencies for client-common
      community/java-jffi: disable on mips64 due to missing java
      community/zabbix: upgrade to 5.4.2
      main/rsync: prevent aports version being reported

Leo (16):
      community/synapse: upgrade to 1.36.0
      community/skopeo: depend on containers-common during runtime
      community/vault: remove duplicate CVE value
      *: remove duplicate CVE values
      community/synapse: upgrade to 1.37.0
      community/synapse: upgrade to 1.37.1
      community/xrdp: generate key and certificate at runtime
      community/py3-rich: upgrade to 10.5.0
      community/gnome-authenticator: depend on py3-setuptools at runtime
      community/ntpsec: security upgrade to 1.2.1
      main/glib: upgrade to 2.68.3
      community/wireshark: upgrade to 3.4.7
      main/gummiboot: move from unmaintained
      main/gummiboot: fix build with latest GNU-EFI
      main/gummiboot: split EFISTUB into gummiboot-efistub
      community/go: security upgrade to 1.16.6

Leonardo Arena (3):
      main/open-iscsi: fix path of iscsi-name in init script
      community/nextcloud: upgrade to 21.0.3
      community/nextcloud20: upgrade to 20.0.11

Marian Buschsieweke (1):
      community/texlive: fix trigger script

Martijn Braam (1):
      community/pmbootstrap: upgrade to 1.34.0

Martin Haso* (2):
      main/py3-pillow: upgrade to 8.2.0
      community/py3-reportlab: upgrade to 3.5.68

Martin Kaesberger (2):
      community/chromium: upgrade to 91.0.4472.114
      community/chromium: upgrade to 91.0.4472.164

Micha* Pola*ski (25):
      main/nodejs: upgrade to 14.17.1
      community/lagrange: upgrade to 1.5.2
      community/caddy: upgrade to 2.4.3
      community/libslirp: upgrade to 4.6.1
      community/hcloud: upgrade to 1.24.0
      community/py3-faker: upgrade to 8.8.1
      community/podman: fix panic when cgroup filesystem is not mounted
      community/fuse-overlayfs: upgrade to 1.6
      community/podman: upgrade to 3.2.2
      community/containers-common: upgrade to 0.38.11
      community/skopeo: upgrade to 1.3.1
      community/buildah: upgrade to 1.21.2
      community/buildah: add dependency on crun
      community/wdisplays: change upstream
      community/wdisplays: upgrade to 1.1
      community/hcloud: upgrade to 1.25.0
      community/hcloud: upgrade to 1.25.1
      community/buildah: upgrade to 1.21.3
      community/podman: upgrade to 3.2.3
      community/buildah: upgrade to 1.21.4
      community/crun: upgrade to 0.21
      main/nodejs: security upgrade to 14.17.4
      community/fuse-overlayfs: upgrade to 1.7
      community/slirp4netns: upgrade to 1.1.12
      community/hcloud: upgrade to 1.26.0

Milan P. Stani* (5):
      main/haproxy: upgrade to 2.4.1
      community/clamav: upgrade to 0.103.3
      main/dovecot: security upgrade to 2.3.15
      main/postfix: upgrade to 3.6.2
      main/haproxy: upgrade to 2.4.2

Natanael Copa (50):
      scripts/mkimg.base.sh: add dhcpcd to base
      community/py3-gevent: upgrade to 21.1.2
      main/kamailio: backport mohqueue fixes from upstream
      community/containerd: security upgrade to 1.5.4 (CVE-2021-32760)
      main/rsync: backport fix for --delay-updates
      main/linux-lts: enable HIGHMEM and LPAE for armv7 -virt
      main/linux-lts: upgrade to 5.10.44
      main/linux-lts: upgrade to 5.10.45
      main/linux-lts: upgrade to 5.10.46
      main/linux-lts: upgrade to 5.10.47
      main/linux-lts: upgrade to 5.10.48
      main/linux-lts: upgrade to 5.10.49
      main/linux-lts: upgrade to 5.10.50
      main/linux-lts: upgrade to 5.10.51
      main/linux-lts: upgrade to 5.10.52
      main/linux-lts: upgrade to 5.10.53
      main/linux-lts: upgrade to 5.10.54
      main/linux-lts: upgrade to 5.10.55
      community/jool-modules-lts: rebuild against kernel 5.10.55-r0
      community/rtl8821ce-lts: rebuild against kernel 5.10.55-r0
      community/rtpengine-lts: rebuild against kernel 5.10.55-r0
      main/dahdi-linux-lts: rebuild against kernel 5.10.55-r0
      main/xtables-addons-lts: rebuild against kernel 5.10.55-r0
      main/zfs-lts: rebuild against kernel 5.10.55-r0
      main/linux-rpi: upgrade to 5.10.44
      main/linux-rpi: upgrade to 5.10.45
      main/linux-rpi: upgrade to 5.10.46
      main/linux-rpi: upgrade to 5.10.49
      main/linux-rpi: upgrade to 5.10.50
      main/linux-rpi: upgrade to 5.10.51
      main/linux-rpi: upgrade to 5.10.52
      main/linux-rpi: upgrade to 5.10.55
      community/jool-modules-rpi: rebuild against kernel 5.10.55-r0
      main/zfs-rpi: rebuild against kernel 5.10.55-r0
      main/mosquitto: add secfixes info for CVE-2021-34432
      community/miniupnpd: upgrade to 2.2.2 and refactor
      main/linux-lts: upgrade to 5.10.56
      community/jool-modules-lts: rebuild against kernel 5.10.56-r0
      community/rtl8821ce-lts: rebuild against kernel 5.10.56-r0
      community/rtpengine-lts: rebuild against kernel 5.10.56-r0
      main/dahdi-linux-lts: rebuild against kernel 5.10.56-r0
      main/xtables-addons-lts: rebuild against kernel 5.10.56-r0
      main/zfs-lts: rebuild against kernel 5.10.56-r0
      main/linux-rpi: upgrade to 5.10.56
      community/jool-modules-rpi: rebuild against kernel 5.10.56-r0
      main/zfs-rpi: rebuild against kernel 5.10.56-r0
      main/raspberrypi-bootloader: upgrade to 1.20210727
      main/libretls: remove transitional hack provides
      main/libretls: fix the generation of SO version
      ===== release 3.14.1 =====

Oliver Smith (2):
      community/postmarketos-ondev: upgrade to 0.7.0
      community/pmbootstrap: upgrade to 1.35.0

Sören Tempel (2):
      main/alpine-baselayout: don't append existing entries to $PATH
      main/alpine-baselayout: unset script variable in profile

Thomas Liske (3):
      community/ifstate: upgrade to 1.5.3
      community/ifstate: upgrade to 1.5.4
      community/py3-wgnlpy: upgrade to 0.1.5

Timo Teräs (2):
      main/apk-tools: security upgrade to 2.12.6
      main/apk-tools: upgrade to 2.12.7

macmpi (2):
      main/linux-rpi: add linux-firmware-cypress dependency
      main/linux-firmware: upgrade to 20210716

omni (1):
      community/tor: security upgrade to

pexcn (1):
      main/linux-lts: enable CONFIG_NET_SCH_CAKE for config-virt

prspkt (1):
      main/putty: security upgrade to 0.76 (CVE-2021-36367)
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