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<div dir="ltr"><p class="gmail-MsoNoSpacing"><span  
Are you looking for a vendor who could supply email list and also do email
campaigns on your behalf?<br>
We have 250million+ B2B database across the globe and would like to do email
campaigns on your behalf and promote you product.<br>
<b>6million IT contacts<br>
5million Marketing contacts<br>
2Million Engineering Contacts<br>
and many more titles</b><br>
A special email campaign service where your domain is not blacklisted, but
moves traffic to your website and generate leads.<br>
Let me know if you are interested and i can connect you with one of our  
Rep. <br>
Happy to assist you!<br>
</span><span style="color:rgb(31,78,121)">Regards, <br>
Lucille Walsh<br>
Marketing Executive</span><span style="color:rgb(31,78,121)"> </span></p>

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out, please reply with Leave Out in the Subject  
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