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Natanael Copa
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We need some kind of official website where only Alpine staff can do
modification. I'd like this to be different from the documentation.

I would really apprecite if someone could help me with this. Coding
skills not needed but artistic skills and sense for present information

What I'd like is a clean nice looking page telling in very short words
what alpine is. I would like to have as few things as techincally
possible and lots of space and a nice picture and nice icons.

A clear visible download link to the latest alpine release. with release

A link to an "about" page where users get more information what alpine
is, features, screenshots etc.

A link to documentatinon.

A link to "issues/bugs"

A link to "get involved, how to contribute" or maybe "contact" or
"feedback". Here we have links to mailing lists, irc channels and maybe
forums. It might be we want all those on small links on front page. not

A link to source code / sub projects. this could be a link to the cgit

A link to "downloads"

Some news? We should have few news and announcements visible. and a link
to more of them. New is good to show that theis project it active.

How do we get there? there are tons of CMS systems out there. I would
prefer avoid using one system for everything, but at this point I think
we need *anything*. We would like to test docuwiki. We could use the
mediawiki as a "community documentation" site and have separate official
documentation but i think I'd like to have both in same wiki and as
mentioned someone (not me) to lead the documentation.

I would like to use cgit four browsing source though.

Any volunteers to take the lead of official web page? The goal is to
make a good first impression for new users and to guide our users quick
to the resources they want. (file bug, download update, find
documentation...) and ask the coders for help with the technical parts
if needed.

Other ideas? things I have forgotten?



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