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[alpine-devel] moving to openrc

Natanael Copa
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Now that alpha8 is out, which i think is a fairly useable system, I 'll
start break things badly again :)

I'm gonna try move to openrc. This is a big step and replaces the way
initscripts are handeled fundamentally.

The big benefit is that it allows parallel startup and takes care of

I already got an alpine vserver box boot with openrc. It was farily easy
since we already use the gentoo initscripts. There are some changes in
the system config files we need to decide what to do about though.

when gentoo moved to openrc they moved most of the init.d script in the
baselayout package to openrc. Some of the scripts there overlaps what we
have and some we need to figure out how to deal with.

Ideally the alpine-baselayout packages hsould only contain the dir
structure and possibly things like /etc/passwd and such. no init.d

So, the question is, wehre do we put the busybox init.d scripts? We keep
them in alpine-baselayout? we move them to openrc? we should move
atleast hostname, networking, keymaps, but what about crond, syslog?
Should those alos be provided by openrc or should we have a
busybox-initscripts package? Or maybe alpine-initscripts? for things
like modloop.

How do we deal with upgrades?

I think we maybe should have an alpine-base meta package which continas
the minimu requirements as dependencies: busybox,
busybox/alpine-iniscripts(?) and openrc. Possibly alpine-conf/lbu too.

Then from initramfs, we always add this alpine-base meta package and we
are sure that there will not be missing any important system packages.

Other ideas, thoughts?