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[alpine-devel] heads up - openrc hits alpine linux

Natanael Copa
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So I will push some commits in aports tree that enables openrc. This
will require that you guys are abit extra alert when upgrading.

This affects all upgrades from alpine-baselayout-2.0_alpha7 or older to
anything newer.

Things that might happen:
* your /etc/conf.d/hwclock might get overwritten
* your vserver might not boot up
* some services might not start on boot or in wrong order.

But generally, the tests I have done here shows that things should go
smooth. Just be aware that upgrading alpine-baselayout requires that
openrc is there. It should be pulled in by alpine-conf but when you
upgrade, please verify that it really is there.

Please make backup configs before upgrade (lbu package backup.tar.gz)
and report back any issues you might have with upgrading.