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[alpine-devel] build box update

Natanael Copa
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I had some issues with my ssh/pipes based autobuilder. It got
disconnected for some reason once in a while.

After reading a bit about message brokers and looking at the options out
there I figured that IRC is the perfect message protocol. And we push
commit messages there (via CIA) there anyways.

But sedning messages via cia isnt perfect as it communicates with cia
via mail.

So I ended up write yet another IRC bot, based on the current buildozerd
code: sircbot

It attatches to IRC server, connects to the given channels and creates
fifo's for each joined channel. Everything written to the fifo is sent
to the channel.

So then the git hook just needs to echo $msg > $fifo and we get the
message on the irc channel. Works alot faster than CIA.

While I was there I also made it possible to run hooks on each message
that shows up on the subscribed channel. its just a run-parts with
message as parameter. That was what was needed to trigger build of repos
on the build box.

So now git.a.o will send a message to build box via #alpine-devel on
freenode :)

oh, while there, i had algitbot to fetch git commits and bugs on request