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Natanael Copa
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First, I think we do have lots of cool stuff in documentation wiki,
stuff that you normally don't find much of in other distros. But I think
we need to put some effort in making the docs representable, so we can
have "good documentation" as a selling point for alpine linx.

So, I'd like to discuss what we can do to improve the documentatin wiki.
I have few ideas and would like to hear what you think. I'd like to hear
some specific things in the documentation, thn we make tickets of them
and assign someone to fix it. I'll throw in some things I think we
should fix and I'd like to hear more things from you.

* set up a documentation standard.
Write down how the documents should be written. How should you write
commands, etc.

* Fix the front page
We need make the wiki print page look nice. I'd like 3 big icons with
the 3 most common usecases. (ie, that helps the visitor do what he
wanted when he visited the wiki). We could for example have:
 Install Alpine | Developer docs | HOWTO's

or similar. The point is: why did the user visit the wiki? how can we
help him/her do what he want to get done?

* Fix the install documentation
We need to write a proper installation documentation. The current says:
"install Alpine on CDROM". you dont really "install" alpine on CD, do
you? (I have some ideas on an Install handbook, but I'll post that on in
a separate mail)

* remove obsolete docs
Some docs are for gentoo setup, those should be removed or at least
marked as absolete. we should create a ticket for this and have someone
go through the docs and see whats old and whats still relevant.

* move main site stuff to main site and fix navigation links
The navigation links was designed to be the main page. now the wiki is a
pure documentation site so we might need fix the navigation links. We
should also remove the pages about irc channels, mailing lists, the
"about" page etc, or move those to http://www.alpinelinux.org

Other things?

Otherwise I'll go ahead and create tickets for the above issues. Would
be nice if someone could help me do some of them afterwards.



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