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[alpine-devel] [PATCH] testing/xpdf: use ghostscript fonts

Isaac Dunham
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Patch: +103 -6
Xpdf was missing Base-14 fonts; this change adds a dependency on
ghostscript-fonts and configuration to use them.
 testing/xpdf/APKBUILD | 18 ++++++----
 testing/xpdf/xpdfrc   | 91 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 2 files changed, 103 insertions(+), 6 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 testing/xpdf/xpdfrc

diff --git a/testing/xpdf/APKBUILD b/testing/xpdf/APKBUILD
index b2943be..1ec6a8b 100644
--- a/testing/xpdf/APKBUILD
+++ b/testing/xpdf/APKBUILD
@@ -2,18 +2,19 @@
 # Maintainer:  Isaac Dunham <>
 pkgdesc="The classic X11 PDF viewer"
 makedepends="motif-dev freetype-dev libpng-dev"
+	xpdf-3.04-protection.patch
+	xpdfrc"
 prepare() {
@@ -50,11 +51,16 @@ package() {
 	#delete pdf* utils that conflict with poppler-utils.
 	rm -f "$pkgdir"/usr/bin/pdf*
 	rm -f "$pkgdir"/usr/share/man/man1/pdf*
+	#install xpdfrc so fonts get picked up
+	cp "$srcdir"/xpdfrc "$pkgdir"/etc/xpdfrc
 md5sums="3bc86c69c8ff444db52461270bef3f44  xpdf-3.04.tar.gz
-11bd32802d9e600ad028f5b84194178d  xpdf-3.04-protection.patch"
+11bd32802d9e600ad028f5b84194178d  xpdf-3.04-protection.patch
+957ead33031ea7ddffe73e8af5658998  xpdfrc"
 sha256sums="11390c74733abcb262aaca4db68710f13ffffd42bfe2a0861a5dfc912b2977e5  xpdf-3.04.tar.gz
-5a12a1781eb29f83b3f0e3c1484e6c99537f84e42aa3dda9bb9c4a5befd83217  xpdf-3.04-protection.patch"
+5a12a1781eb29f83b3f0e3c1484e6c99537f84e42aa3dda9bb9c4a5befd83217  xpdf-3.04-protection.patch
+61177490dcfae9cb65af16486ab6567b81653f51f0279ee06a56516dd9a890d5  xpdfrc"
 sha512sums="3fb3c380fdbd13d937449ae3f7d7a163815cc85296d30be7b9907687884385d6171bb48ee5d5c13368d6bba87740b678f491bdcf61b38d130809e9afa260f6cf  xpdf-3.04.tar.gz
-4c6360731ad60ed45e0612b016116a9588f293267ee3e2c1f7cd2f046f045f165334c6e7fceb6b51b3181adb7a74087036a28fcec0e04b23e6374ffc421c1f54  xpdf-3.04-protection.patch"
+4c6360731ad60ed45e0612b016116a9588f293267ee3e2c1f7cd2f046f045f165334c6e7fceb6b51b3181adb7a74087036a28fcec0e04b23e6374ffc421c1f54  xpdf-3.04-protection.patch
+7e8404fa5432bad578c29cf3ccd276bb64cd0316b700e40ce606b6b6261c497125e8689c6e545cab2adb04d69b1ed25d1e0d07155add9837e6bb44d5f18d82d3  xpdfrc"
diff --git a/testing/xpdf/xpdfrc b/testing/xpdf/xpdfrc
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..b51b522
--- /dev/null
+++ b/testing/xpdf/xpdfrc
@@ -0,0 +1,91 @@
+# Sample xpdfrc file
+# The Xpdf tools look for a config file in two places:
+# 1. ~/.xpdfrc
+# 2. in a system-wide directory, typically /usr/local/etc/xpdfrc
+# This sample config file demonstrates some of the more common
+# configuration options.  Everything here is commented out.  You
+# should edit things (especially the file/directory paths, since
+# they'll likely be different on your system), and uncomment whichever
+# options you want to use.  For complete details on config file syntax
+# and available options, please see the xpdfrc(5) man page.
+# Also, the Xpdf language support packages each include a set of
+# options to be added to the xpdfrc file.
+#----- display fonts
+# These map the Base-14 fonts to the Type 1 fonts that ship with
+# ghostscript.  You'll almost certainly want to use something like
+# this, but you'll need to adjust this to point to wherever
+# ghostscript is installed on your system.  (But if the fonts are
+# installed in a "standard" location, xpdf will find them
+# automatically.)
+fontFile Times-Roman		/usr/share/fonts/Type1/n021003l.pfb
+fontFile Times-Italic		/usr/share/fonts/Type1/n021023l.pfb
+fontFile Times-Bold		/usr/share/fonts/Type1/n021004l.pfb
+fontFile Times-BoldItalic	/usr/share/fonts/Type1/n021024l.pfb
+fontFile Helvetica		/usr/share/fonts/Type1/n019003l.pfb
+fontFile Helvetica-Oblique	/usr/share/fonts/Type1/n019023l.pfb
+fontFile Helvetica-Bold		/usr/share/fonts/Type1/n019004l.pfb
+fontFile Helvetica-BoldOblique	/usr/share/fonts/Type1/n019024l.pfb
+fontFile Courier		/usr/share/fonts/Type1/n022003l.pfb
+fontFile Courier-Oblique	/usr/share/fonts/Type1/n022023l.pfb
+fontFile Courier-Bold		/usr/share/fonts/Type1/n022004l.pfb
+fontFile Courier-BoldOblique	/usr/share/fonts/Type1/n022024l.pfb
+fontFile Symbol			/usr/share/fonts/Type1/s050000l.pfb
+fontFile ZapfDingbats		/usr/share/fonts/Type1/d050000l.pfb
+# If you need to display PDF files that refer to non-embedded fonts,
+# you should add one or more fontDir options to point to the
+# directories containing the font files.  Xpdf will only look at .pfa,
+# .pfb, .ttf, and .ttc files in those directories (other files will
+# simply be ignored).
+#fontDir		/usr/local/fonts/bakoma
+#----- PostScript output control
+# Set the default PostScript file or command.
+#psFile			"|lpr -Pmyprinter"
+# Set the default PostScript paper size -- this can be letter, legal,
+# A4, or A3.  You can also specify a paper size as width and height
+# (in points).
+psPaperSize		letter
+#----- text output control
+# Choose a text encoding for copy-and-paste and for pdftotext output.
+# The Latin1, ASCII7, and UTF-8 encodings are built into Xpdf.  Other
+# encodings are available in the language support packages.
+textEncoding		UTF-8
+# Choose the end-of-line convention for multi-line copy-and-past and
+# for pdftotext output.  The available options are unix, mac, and dos.
+#textEOL		unix
+#----- misc settings
+# Enable FreeType, and anti-aliased text.
+enableFreeType		yes
+antialias		yes
+# Set the command used to run a web browser when a URL hyperlink is
+# clicked.
+#launchCommand  viewer-script
+urlCommand	"firefox '%s'"

Natanael Copa
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On Sun,  9 Nov 2014 08:22:35 -0800
Isaac Dunham <> wrote:

> Xpdf was missing Base-14 fonts; this change adds a dependency on
> ghostscript-fonts and configuration to use them.

applied. thanks!