Re: [alpine-devel] [DRAFT] Alpine Linux Code of Conduct

Elliot Speck
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Weighing in with my comments and discussion with William via IRC, which
I was asked to copy to the mailing list.

> 1. Discrimination based on, but not limited to, gender, gender identity, race, nationality, sexuality, religion, age, physical disability, mental disability, init system preference, body type or size is not allowed.

The one thing I take issue with here is init system preference, and not
because we aren't tired of people using Alpine channels as a soapbox for
how much they think systemd is killing the radio star. The replies to
arw immediately started us down the path of calling out a million and
one different things that one may not discriminate based on.

I proposed "personal technological preferences" instead, which covers
init system preference, programming language preference, editor
preference, whatever, but it also doesn't make it so specific as to
result in a list expanding ad-infinitum such as the responses to arw I
see in the follow-up posts. My interpretation of the document overall is
that other personal preferences and life decisions - where relevant to
the Alpine project - are covered under the other sections (e.g., EDC #2,
EDC #3). 

We already catch-all here with the "... but not limited to ... ", so
reducing specificity within this part as well is only adding to
rule-lawyer prevention.

Other than that, this looks like a solid code of conduct. I'm certainly
in the "Alpine should have a CoC" camp, if anyone is counting numbers

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