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[alpine-devel] RFC: Changing /var/run to symlink ../run instead of /run

Przemysław Pawełczyk
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Let me start with a small confession.

In the past I used some scaleway vps or container, where boot service
bootmisc was not started, therefore /var/run wasn't a symlink and
openssh has broken once after upgrade, when its pid dir was switched
from /var/run to /run, but not in all places and without any notice.
That led me to creating patch available in commit 528334a1c482.
Back then (August 2016) I was going to mail the list about fixing
/var/run in AL itself and not depending on some services, there was some
small discussion on IRC, but sadly I forgot about the mail later.

Fast-forward to July, ncopa commited a change in aports regarding
main/alpine-baselayout, where he removed var/run dir and added such
symlink pointing to /run.

It's definitely better than what we had already, but it has one flaw:
it doesn't work for nested rootfses, as it will always point to the
top-level /run.

I think it would be even better to have var/run pointing to ../run.
Are there any good reasons preventing us from going that way?