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Carlo Landmeter
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Hello Alpine developers,

After some testing we like to announce officially our new bug tracker:


It is based on Redmine 0.8.2 which has been developed on Ruby. After
some discussion on our mailing list and IRC we come to the conclusion
Redmine does offer some features in its bug tracker other (more
lightweight) solutions don't offer. We are currently running it on a
1.7 vserver with a 1.9 guest with lighttd fastcgi and Ruby on Rails.

We currently have 1 project registered called "Alpine Linux" and 2 sub
projects called "Alpine build tools" and "Alpine Package Keeper". If
you need another subproject for Alpine please let us know and we will
create it. Issues created in sub-projects are automatically added to
the main tracker. If you like to have inline commits in your bug
reports then you will have to add some hooks to you git commits.
Please refer to the Redmine help page:

Please create an account (if you didn't already do so) and update your
profile. To personalize your account a bit more you can create a
avatar on: http://en.gravatar.com/
Make sure the email you sign up to is the same as you will be using on
our bugtracker.

OpenID is still in Redmine trunk and will be released in 0.9. So if
you like to use it you will need to wait a little.
Anonymous reporting is currently turned on so please be aware of SPAM.

If you find any bug,issue,feature missing please open a request as
needed on the tracker.

Happy bugging!

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