[alpine-devel] supporting older hardware (issue #628)

Natanael Copa
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This is about:

I have restored the CPU setting back to CONFIG_M586 as it was in alpine

-# CONFIG_M586 is not set
 # CONFIG_M586TSC is not set
 # CONFIG_M586MMX is not set
+# CONFIG_M686 is not set

I also did this:

-# CONFIG_X86_GENERIC is not set

I have earlier set back the memory model to FLATMEM instead of
SPARSEMEM (seems like thats what we had in v2.1 too). According pipacs
(PaX developer) this could have been the reason we had issues with the
2.6.38 kernels.

If there are anything I have missed or there are some good reasons why
it was changed to M686 and SPARSEMEM, then please let me know.

For now those changes are only in edge/testing. If they show to be
good, then I'll probably do the same changes in v2.2.



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