[alpine-devel] abuild-2.12 released

Natanael Copa
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I have pushed abuild-2.12 to edge.

Some of the news:

* curl is used instead of wget for downloads. More and more packages
  needs https and it iw a bit clumsy to add gnuu wget to depends every
  time that happens. We have most likely curl installed as a dependency
  for git so we could just as well use it.

  abuild will still fallback to wget in case curl is not found. This is
  so its easier to bootstrap abuild.

* sudo is no longer a dependency. I wrote a small mini sudo'ish tool
  that will give you abuild-apk, abuild-adduser and abuild-addgroup as
  suid root. It will check if the user is in "abuild" group and if so,
  it will be able to perform those actions. You should never add any
  user you would not give full sudo permissions to the abuild group
  since its fairly trivial gain full root access.

  This should make it easier to make the chroot build working, since
  you no longer need to configure sudo in the chroot.

  I have still not removed sudo from abuild depends so you who use sudo
  for other things has a chance to 'sudo apk add sudo' before sudo is
  pulled out.

* various checks was added for misc things, like warnings on world
  writeable dirs, non-PIE suid root executables etc.

Please test and report back any issues.



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