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[alpine-devel] cleaning up the setup-* scripts

Natanael Copa
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We got some nice feedback on the setup scripts, we got some patches for
proxy support and wifi, we got a new wiki page[1] and we are getting
closer the feature freeze of for the 2.4 release.

I'd like clear out a few things.

1. the feature for doing: ROOT=/somepath setup-alpine and that spits
out an apkovl. Do we want fix this feature or can we remove it? It does
not work at the moment and I think the "answers" file will provide
similar functionality.

2. Can we ship setup-wifi without no-encryption and WEP support
initially? I think its fairly easy to implement WPA only and I think it
could be done for the 2.4 release.

3. Setup proxy currently asks too many questions. The OpenBSD
installer asks:

 HTTP/FTP proxy URL? (e.g. 'http://proxy:8080', or 'none') [none]

Can we do the same?

4. Can I remove setup-cryptoswap? I don't think it works. I don't think
anybody uses it. The purpose of this script was to help setting up an
encrypted swap. It should probably be integrated in setup-disk in case
we wanted support this.

5. Can I remove setup-alpine-web? The idea with this script was to set
up a headless router via web interface. The setup-alpine-web script
would have been called from a generic apkovl config, you would have
plugged a laptop with crossover cable to any of the network interfaces
and other interface to internet. The script would then fire up a dhcp
server where the laptop was plugged and set up a captive portal with a
wizard via Web. This was mostly done as a proof of concept but the web
wizard never made it to the public I think. (it was actually pretty
cool as it allowed the user to change the subnet numbers via web by
using a very short dhcp lease)

6. Can I remove setup-mta? This was used before we switched to redmine
as bug tracker. Since then we have got sendmail support in busybox.

7. Can I remove setup-ads? The intention was an easy way to join a
Windows domain. I am not against the idea but I think we need fix the
implementation. It should only ask for the domain (and possible give a
list of detected domains or suggest the only one found by default), it
should find the Domain Controller(s) by using DNS and never ask the user
about them.