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[alpine-devel] [RFC] trying to package Motif

Isaac Dunham
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I've been trying to package Motif; a number of my favorite
programs use it (nedit, ida, xpdf, etc.)

Motif includes a number of components:
-three libraries with headers: libXm, libMrm, and libUil
-demos (I've disabled them, following Debian's lead, since one will FTBFS)
-a window manager (mwm) and a tool to control keyboard bindings
-a compiler for a higher-level interface description language (/usr/bin/uil)
-tons of manpages

To get it building, I had to snarf a few patches from Debian; I grabbed the rest
because it was easier than figuring out fuzz and the like.
So far, I've got an APKBUILD that compiles it into motif, motif-dev, and motif-doc.
I'm guessing that there should be several more changes, however:
-uil seems to belong in -dev
-mwm and xmbind should probably be in a separate package from the libs 
(motif and mwm? motif and motif-libs?)
-I'd guess that turning on Xft is preferred to disabling it.
However, it's experimental (has been known to cause problems for some 
of those using it), though even if xft is enabled you can avoid using it.

Other than Xft, I don't know how to go about fixing these.
So comments in that regard would be helpful.

Before it gets added I also need to point it at the right license.

Isaac Dunham