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[alpine-devel] linux-headers and bsd-compat-headers

Natanael Copa
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During uclibc times, the uclibc had a hard dependency of the linux
headers. Musl does not have this dependency but it was kept during the
migration from uclibc to musl.

uClibc also provided some bsd (and glibc) specific headers like
sys/queue.h, sys/tree.h and sys/cdefs.h. During the migration period we
shipped those by default with libc-dev meta package.

We have now cleaned up this so libc-dev will no longer pull in
linux-headers and will no longer provide the bsd compat headers,
instead a new package named bsd-compat-headers provides those.

This means that there are alot of packages needs any of those that
currenly no longer builds. The fix is to add linux-headers to
makedepends (or depends_dev if any shipped headers have #include
<linux/*.h>) to the packages that needs those headers and add
bsd-compat-headers to makedepends to those who actually needs those.

We intend to clean up those as we go and by the time v3.2 is released
it should all be cleaned up.

Feel free to help clean this up.

Thanks for you patience.