[alpine-devel] migrating to gitolite on git.alpinelinux.org

Natanael Copa
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I am about to migrate our git repositories on alpinelinux.org to

The plan is that I tomorrow will first move the user repos
to /var/lib/git/repositories and fix permissions. After that I'll take
the ACF repos (into an acf/ subdir) and finally I'll move the rest
including aports.

Once a git repo is move you will no longer be able to push to the old
ssh://git.alpinelinux.org/gitroot/<repo> using your ssh login. Instead
you will need to use the 'git' user, ssh://git@git.alpinelinux.org:<repo>

The user repos will be
ssh://git@git.alpinelinux.org:user/<username>/<repo> instead of the old

While this work is done some of the features related git might be
temporary down.

You will still be able to ssh to dev.alpinelinux.org.

I am also looking for someone who can help out as gitolite admin. If
you have git push access and would like to help admin the git service,
please let me know.


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