Re: [alpine-devel] alsamixer and mpv are broken in latest release + quetion

Johannes Matheis
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Quoting Christie Taylor (2015-11-19 18:37:45)
>    I bet my lunch that the alsamixer segfault is due to the wrong version in
>    a dependency. And I bet my beer that it's ncurses that needs to be
>    upgraded. :)

Version 6.0 seems to be the current ncurses version according to
Having this version installed, alsamixer from alsa-utils 1.1.0-r1 shipped
with alpine 3.3 segfaults for me, too.
Downgrading alsa-utils@old (1.1.0-r1 -> 1.0.29-r1) installs the dependency
ncurses5-libs (5.9-r1) and this alsamixer works.

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