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[alpine-devel] Alpine edge has switched to libressl

Natanael Copa
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We decided to replace openssl with libressl because we believe it is a
better library. While OpenSSL is trying to fix the broken code,
libressl has simply removed it.

As a result (almost) everything linked to openssl has been rebuilt.

This is a major change that needs to be thoroughly tested.

When you upgrade make sure that you don't have any packages that
depends on openssl, libcrypto1.0 or libssl1.0.

If you have built software from source yourself that uses openssl and
link against other 3rd party libraries that uses openssl, then you will
have to rebuild. Otherwise will you have a mix of openssl and libressl
and that will not end well.

Generally, if you use `openssl-dev` package, you will have to replace
it with `libressl-dev` and rebuild.

Feel free to ask questions on #alpine-linux IRC channel on FreeNode.