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I am about to push musl 1.2, which introduces 64 bit time_t for 32 bit architectures.

I abuild set up new builders for our 32 bit architectures, armhf, armv7
and x86 and am about to put them in production. Majority of the
packages have been rebuilt from scratch, but not all. The sooner we get
them running, the sooner we can get help with testing and fixing the
remaining issues before the 3.13 release.

This means that we will effectively replace edge repositories for those
architectures. During the transition time we will have various issues:

- dl-cdn mirror will give checksum errors due to the old packages being
- lots of packages will be missing from the repos til we have solved
  all issues.
- people running those architectures with edge repos will need to do
  full reinstall (apk upgrade -U -a).
- people with their own, 3rd party packages may need to rebuild their

I still think we need to move forward with this, or we will not be able
to fix those issues before the 3.13 release.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

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